SlumberBaby's Two Weeks to Great Sleep

Just imagine: Two weeks from now your baby could be sleeping soundly at night and during naps! With this incremental program, you give your baby the gift of sleep skills a little more each night.

This program is for tired families that need a change in how days and nights feel. Families who are not their best selves when they are exhausted. It is also for parents who want to support and guide their baby through this exciting change.

It is for parents who are ready to help teach their children new sleep habits that will last without any gizmos or gadgets; whether you are ready for your baby to sleep through the night, you are ready to transition your baby to his or her own room, or you have spent months or years practicing sleep habits that are no longer sustainable, it is my hope that this program can set you on a path of life-changing sleep.


  • Information about your baby's sleep, including sleep needs, optimal schedules, routine ideas, and benefits of great sleep.
  • Interactive worksheets to help you create the perfect sleep environment, build routines around sleep, and how to respond to your child's night wakings in a way that is loving and supportive, yet encourages them to build their own sleep skills.
  • THREE 2-week plans to choose from depending on your baby's age and current sleep habits that coach your through each day and night. Parents no longer need to guess if what they are doing will work.
  • A sleep trouble-shooting guide for everything from naps, regressions, travel, illness, and time changes to navigating sleep while continuing to breastfeed.
  • Plus much, much more! This is the guide I needed when I was a new mom, and now I've created it for you!
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